Care coalition to help parents, kids

The Warrick County Communities that Care Coalition (WCCTCC) was awarded a grant worth $125,000 a year for five years this fall. Marge Gianopoulos, Youth First’s WCCTCC coordinator, said part of this year’s grant money was used to revamp a program that Castle High School implemented long ago. Basically, parents filled out a form pledging not to host underage drinking parties.

WCCTCC took the project online. The website allows parents to sign a pledge vowing not to be a party to underage drinking or drug use. Links to the website are on each of the high school and middle school sites through the Warrick County School Corporation’s website. After signing the pledge, parents can search for students by first name, last name or nickname. That will pull up the parent’s contact information. The idea is to open a line of communication.

View the project here

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